Number Lore

What associations do you have with numbers? Your phone number? The number of your apartment or credit card? Maybe the dull math classes back in middle-school? Number Lore is nothing like that! Here the ordinary, listless ones, and twos, and other numbers as well turn into very much alive and charming characters, bustling with personality and mischief. If you’re ready to join their crazy escapades, let’s begin!

The math of the battle!

The gameplay of Number Lore perfectly balances action-packed thrills with lighthearted silliness. Whether you’re engaged in a heart-pounding race or a tactical number showdown, there’s never a dull moment. Expect to giggle uncontrollably as numbers frolic and jostle, monsters go on a chaotic rampage, and your own strategic moves unfold with unpredictable results!

At first sight, it seems to be just another battle – your own warriors against some creepy spider monsters. But if you look closer, you’ll see that they’re not so weird-looking just for the sake of it. Each of your soldiers is actually a number, and more importantly, you can upgrade them on the go – by adding units of lower rank to the grid and merging them together! This is a rather innovative way to grow your military strength and also refresh your arithmetical skills, wouldn’t you say? With tricks like these up your sleeve, there is simply no way those monsters stand a chance! And you’ll be able to use the points earned in the battle to upgrade your numerical troops to an even more impressive degree.

Run and count!

But it’s not just about battling. There are some pretty insane races to take part in too! You’ll start with just one numerical runner, but as you make your way down the track, you’ll be able to add more and more of them. And the more the merrier! You’ll also have to solve some math problems (don’t worry, nothing too complicated) on the go to overcome all the obstacles and make a successful run to the very finish line. And every level is going to become more and more challenging, both in terms of the hurdles and the arithmetics!

So get ready to immerse yourself in the wacky and wonderful world of Number Lore! Let your reflexes and arithmetic skills guide you through wild races and epic battles. Embrace the laughter, the unpredictability, and the joy of a game that turns numbers into vibrant companions on a crazy adventure. Are you ready to unlock the numerical magic? Let the madness begin!

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