Melon Playground

Picture this: you’re the master of a virtual sandbox, a wild scientist with a lab coat and an evil grin. Your playground is filled with unsuspecting stick figures, innocent little test subjects just waiting for your diabolical experiments. You’ve got a whole arsenal of tools and toys at your disposal, and you are free to use them in all imaginable ways playing Melon Playground!

Prepare to wreck some havoc!

Ever wanted to see what happens when you blast a stick figure with a rocket launcher? How about dropping an anvil on their heads, or feeding them to a bloodthirsty shark? Melon Playground has got you covered! It’s a place where chaos reigns supreme, where you can let your imagination run wild and witness the consequences of your wacky ideas.

All kinds of tools, weapons and settings!

And let’s not forget about the environments! Melon Playground is like a twisted theme park, with different settings to explore and wreak havoc in. This game is your ticket to a virtual world where explosions, experiments, and stick figure shenanigans are the name of the game. So get ready to paint the town red (literally), create chaos with a grin on your face, and let Melon Playground be your canvas for insane experiments!

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