Gartic Phone

Prepare to unleash your inner doodle champion in Gartic Phone! This online game is a wild ride of crazy drawings, hilarious interpretations, and side-splitting laughter. Get ready to put your artistic skills to the test and draw away!

What the heck is in the picture?

Gartic Phone is like a virtual game of telephone mixed with a chaotic art class. The rules are simple: you start with a secret word or phrase, and you have a limited amount of time to sketch it to the best of your ability. Then your masterpiece gets passed along to the next player, who has to interpret your drawing and recreate it with their own artistic flair. And guess what? It keeps going, passing from player to player like a baton in an art marathon!

Doodle, laugh and have fun!

Now, here’s where the crazy and casual fun really kicks in. As the drawings get passed along, they start to take on a life of their own. A simple cat might turn into a mutant alien squirrel riding a unicycle. A serene sunset might transform into a chaotic disco party on a tropical island. Interpretations run rampant and creativity knows no bounds! So get your drawing fingers ready, buckle up and jump into the crazy world of Gartic Phone!

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